PhD (Birmingham), MBA (Birmingham; Business Strategy and Procurement), MSc (Birmingham City; Industrial Logistics) BSc (Birmingham City; Industrial Information Technology), MCIPS

Daniel Chicksand is a Senior Lecturer at Aston Business School, having previously been an Assistant Professor at Warwick Business School. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.


He draws upon hands-on supply chain management, operations and general management experience from running his own import and retail company. He has also had 14 years experience in consultancy, research and teaching in value chain management, business strategy and procurement, and operations strategy within leading International and European business schools.


Daniel started his career as the Managing Director of a specialist importer and retailer of African arts and crafts. In 2000 he took a research position at the Centre for Business Strategy and Procurement (CBSP) at Birmingham Business School. During his time at CBSP and Warwick he has been involved in and managed major research projects, working with public and private organisations in many sectors, including Financial Services, Oil and Gas, Health, Construction and Food and Farming.

He has working with large organisations including the NHS, Conoco-Phillips, Rolls Royce, Carillion, BUPA, Apetito, Bernard Matthews, Cadbury’s Schweppes, UBS and KPMG as well as smaller enterprises such as Pioneer Foodservices.


He has developed and delivered professional training modules for many clients. Over an 8-year period Daniel worked with IBM and delivered a number of programs focusing of value chain management and strategic sourcing, which has taken him to Europe, Australasia, and Asia. More recently he has worked with Holcim (Zurich), Baker Hughes (UK) and Adams Foods (UK) to deliver interactive sessions on value chain management, operations and process improvement, as part of their leadership programs.


He is the author and co-author of many publications in the Operations and Supply Chain Management area, including book chapters and leading academic and practitioner journals.


Full List of Academic Publications

Academic Publication List


Chapter in Edited Books:


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