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Many of the Technique Outlines, our tools for improvement, are underpinned by robust and rigorous academic research. In this academic resource centre you have access to the Opsworks team and associates’ research and journal publications.

Partnerships The role that power plays in shaping collaborative buyer supplier exchanges
Partnerships: The role that power plays in shaping collaborative buyer–supplier exchanges (2015)

By Daniel Chicksand


The role that power plays in collaborative buyer–supplier exchanges or partnerships is explored in this study. The paper argues that research into business-to-business relationships, although rich, largely marginalises the impact that power differentials have on the formation and long-term success of partnerships. Read More

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Managing Imbalanced Supply Chain Relationships for Sustainability: A Power Perspective (2014)

By Anne Touboulic, Daniel Chicksand, Helen Walker


This study adopts a power perspective to investigate sustainable supply chain relationships and specifically uses resource-dependence theory (RDT) to critically analyze buyer–supplier–supplier relationships. Empirical evidence is provided, extending the RDT model in this context.Read More

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Outsourcing decisions – the case of parallel production (2013)

By Daniel Nordigarden, Jakob Rehme, Staffan Brege, Daniel Chicksand and Helen Walker


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to investigate an underexplored aspect of outsourcing involving a mixed strategy in which parallel production is continued in-house at the same time as outsourcing occurs.Read More

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Understanding Business Relationship Management in China: A Power and Leverage Perspective (2014)

By Daniel Chicksand, Jakob Rehme, Daniel Nordigarden and Tong Yang


This paper examines whether a power and leverage perspective, successfully applied to analyse extended buyer-supplier relationships in a western context, can be used to analyse business relationships in China. A single embedded case study is presented in this paper and a power and leverage approach is used to analyse business relationships. Read More

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Sourcing Uncertainties: The Case of Outsourcing and Global Sourcing (2015)

By Daniel Nordigarden, Jakob Rehme and Daniel Chicksand


This article investigates uncertainties in global sourcing and outsourcing. The empirical research design is a multiple-case study that captures the uncertainties that companies face when sourcing low-cost countries (LCC) and when outsourcing to supplier markets that are in close proximity, but are non-developed. Read More

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Theoretical perspectives in purchasing and supply chain management: an analysis of the literature

By Daniel Chicksand, Glyn Watson, Helen Walker, Zoe Radnor, Robert Johnston


Purpose – This paper attempts to seek answers to four questions. Two of these questions have been borrowed (but adapted) from the work of Defee et al.: RQ1. To what extent is theory used in purchasing and supply chain management (P&SCM) research? RQ2. What are the prevalent theories to be found in P&SCM research? Following on from these questions an additional question is posed: RQ3. Are theory-based papers more highly cited than papers with no theoretical foundation? Finally, drawing on the work of Harland et al., the authors have added a fourth question: RQ4. To what extent does P&SCM meet the tests of coherence, breadth and depth, and quality necessary to make it a scientific discipline? Read More

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