Improvement is built on ideas. We publish a range of resources that will help give you access to these ideas. This is not confined to traditional formats, but will use a range of innovative media, including improvement technique outlines, videos, white papers, research papers and blogs.


Technique Outlines

TOs are improvement tools based on our improvement philosophy and will help you to be better than you are now. TOs provide insight, analysis, options and actions for business improvement.

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We provide academic and practitioner focused books on a wide range of topics including operations, operations strategy and supply chain management. New titles are being added regularly.

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Training Material

Our approach to academic and practitioner directed training uses innovative games, cases and training material to help delegates to engage with new ideas and to build their knowledge.

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Practitioner Insight

Short practitioner focused articles are based on comprehensive academic research but aim to provide guidance to managers and insights into contemporary business issues.

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Academic Research

This academic resource centre provides access to the journal articles, conference papers, reports and cases which underpin many of the Technique Outlines, Books and Training Material developed by Opworks and our network of associates.

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If you have a specialist knowledge or expertise as an academic or practitioner and would like to become as associate of Opsworks please get in touch.